Csontváry 170
14 April 2023 - 16 July 2023
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
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Csontváry 170

Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka (1853–1919) was born 170 years ago. The anniversary is marked by an exhibition jointly organised by the Museum of Fine Arts–Hungarian National Gallery and the Janus Pannonius Museum of Pécs. The displayed material assembled from the two public collections preserving the most important works of the brilliant painter will opens within the framework of the Bartók Spring International Art Weeks on 13 April, in the Museum of Fine Arts, where it will run for three months. The joint exhibition providing a comprehensive picture of the art of Csontváry will then travel to Pécs, the seat of Baranya County, to the Csontváry Museum, which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year; it can be viewed there from August for the duration of three months. The exhibition parading forty-five works pays tribute to one of the most original and best-known artists in the history of Hungarian painting.

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