Digitisation of exhibitions

The ExhibitOnline (ExO) application allows you to archive your exhibitions in digital space, so that temporary exhibitions created at considerable intellectual and financial cost can be made available to the public and researchers even after the real exhibition spaces have closed. The application not only presents the exhibition spaces and the exhibits in an efficient format suitable for today's digital tools, but also provides space for the presentation of additional documents related to the exhibition, such as the exhibition catalogue, press coverage and imprint.

ExO is a cloud-based knowledge management solution that is created by reusing the professional materials, documents and documentation generated during the creation of temporary exhibitions in the form of a stand-alone digital platform that maps the exhibition and all the knowledge associated with it. For the content provider, archiving the exhibition does not involve any additional work, as the MuseumDigitár staff will take on the digital mapping of the temporary exhibitions on the basis of the professional material provided and will create any missing elements: interior photos, virtual tours. The digital archiving of loaned exhibition material, which cannot be published in the long term due to copyright reasons, is made possible through digital publication with closed access. A digital impression of the temporary exhibition can be embedded in the content provider's website, but also on the ExO application aggregation platform, in a wider. The digital footprint of the temporary exhibition can be embedded on the content provider's website, but also displayed on the ExO app's aggregation interface in a wider exhibition context.

ExO is an effective solution for digital archiving of any type of exhibition, regardless of the type of institution. However, for museums using the MuseumDigitar registration and collection management system, it is possible to transfer their own digitally registered objects, thus speeding up the exhibition archiving process.

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